“As expected, Slong Piabi” swept the final game following the season opener… LPBA winner 4 times

Slong Piabi, who succeeded in scoring the 9th championship point in the last 7 sets, cheered with both hands wide open. It was a more intense ceremony than any other tournament victory so far.

Following the opening game of this season, the protagonist of the final game was also Slong Piabi.

Throng Piabi defeated Kim Bo-mi at the end of a ‘full set battle’ and won the final match following the opening game of this season. This is the 4th LPBA summit in his personal career.

Slong Piabi (Blue One Angels) defeated Kim Bo-mi with a set score of 4:3 (4:11, 11:7, 11:10, 11 :0, 2:11, 4:11, 9:3) and won the championship cup.

On the other hand, Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card Green Force), who had advanced to the LPBA finals for the first time after 8 challenges, turned her feet on the threshold of winning. Tied for 3rd place was Baek Min-joo (Crown Haetae Raon) and Lee Mari. 먹튀검증

The ‘Welbang Top Ranking LPBA Top Average’ award given to the player with the highest average was awarded to Lee Mi-rae (TS ShampooㆍPura Chicken Heroes) who recorded an average of 1.812 in the round of 32 survival match.

Throng gave the first set 4:11 (7 innings) and started off uneasy. However, he won the second set 11: 7 (15 innings) and balanced the set score 1: 1. In the 3rd set, Throng was dragged 7:8 until 6 innings, then tied the score at 10:10 in the 7th inning, and won with the remaining 1 point in the 8th inning. In fact, it was the winning point of the day.

Throng, who gained momentum, scored 7 high-run points in the 4th set, and added 4 points in the 2nd inning, winning 11:0 in just 2 innings, widening the set score to 3:1.

However, the counterattack of Kim Bo-mi, who reached the final stage after 8 times, was also formidable. Kim Bo-mi scored 5 sets in 5 innings, won 11:2, and pursued with a set score of 2:3. The 6th set also won 11:4 in 6 innings with an explosive attack, balancing the set score 3:3


The final 7 sets to determine the winner. Throng, who was somewhat sluggish in the 5th and 6th sets, came back to life. On the other hand, Kim Bo-mi seemed to struggle with her strength. ‘Seongoong’ Kim Bo-mi made a good start by accumulating 1 point in 1 or 2 innings, but that was it. He committed empty hits for 4 consecutive innings (3 to 6 innings) in the winning position. It was a decisive defeat. On the other hand, Throng reversed the score to 3:2 with 2 runs in 3 innings, followed by 2 runs in 5 innings, and finished the game with 2 runs each in the 8th and 9th innings.

Throng, who started this season with a win in the opening game, fell into a slump at the end of the season. He stayed in the round of 64 in the 6th game (NH Nonghyup Card Cup) and then in the round of 16 in the 7th game (Well Bang Bae), and was evaluated as not living up to the value of his name. However, in the final game of the season, Kim Bo-mi’s fierce challenge was quelled, and she took the top spot again, winning her fourth championship in her career.

Throng, who started this tournament from the round of 64, passed all survival matches in the round of 64-32 as first place in the group, and then defeated Dasom Park with a set score of 2:0 in the round of 16. Slong Piabi defeated Gayoung Kim (Hana Card One Kupay) 3:2 in the quarterfinals after a close match, and then defeated Imari 3:1 in the quarterfinals to advance to the final.

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