Are we the only ones cheering…’Awesome Kim’ Kim Ha Sung’s status, is this it?

Let’s start with the history

As of 9 August

109 games played
0.288 batting average
15 home runs
41 RBIs
24 doubles

카지노사이트 Let’s start with the history

1st on the team in batting average
2nd in OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage)

That’s a lot for a third-year major leaguer…

Not much more to say about defence

Recognised as a candidate for the
for the Gold Glove Award.

What’s changed?
that made him so good?

My batting stance.
Refined his diet

It’s time to move on
into a time of growth.

I’m most proud of this record

How much you contribute to your team’s success.
Wins Above Replacement (WAR),

(per Baseball-Reference)
Tied for second in the majors

National League MVP candidate
Tied with Acuña

15 consecutive games with multiple RBIs
Tied with Ichirowa

Asian origin
First major league infielder to join the
to join the 20-homer, 20-double club

Choo Shin-soo’s
Korean Major League Baseball
stolen base record (22)

Are the fans patriotic (?)?

“NO” MVP mock poll on the 8th

Kim Ha-seong in 8th place

What did the US media say?

-East Village Times
“Kim will make $7 million this year.
just outside the league’s top 50 salaries.”

-San Diego Union-Tribune
“If you want to keep Kim, you have to give him a big raise”

Why is Kim Ha-sung’s name prefixed with
‘awesomeness’ (awesome, enormous) before his name…

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