Acuña joins WBC Venezuela representative in Atlanta

 Reporter Moon Seong-dae = Outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. (26) of the Major League (MLB) Atlanta Braves will join the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Venezuela national team despite opposition from the club.

American media such as Bleacher Report reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Acuña will compete as the WBC Venezuela representative. Atlanta has also accepted.” 카지노

According to the media, Acuña expressed his aspirations, “WBC is both a challenge and an opportunity. I will be able to show Venezuelan baseball to the world.”

Acuña has expressed his intention to join the Venezuelan WBC national team since last year.

However, Atlanta opposed Acuna’s appearance in the WBC after suffering a cruciate ligament rupture injury in his right knee in July 2021.

Despite the club’s disapproval, Acuña did not give up his will to participate in the WBC, saying that there was no problem with his knee. Eventually, the Atlanta club allowed him to participate in the tournament.

Venezuela, along with Acuña, has a large number of major league players such as Jose Altuve and Miguel Cabrera.

Acuña, who debuted in the major leagues in 2018, had a batting average of 0.293 with 26 homers, 64 RBIs and 78 runs, becoming the rookie of the year. In 2019, he had an outstanding performance with 41 home runs, 101 RBI, 127 runs scored and 37 stolen bases for a batting average of 0.280.

Acuña, who returned at the end of April last year in the aftermath of a knee injury in 2021, had a curry-low season with a batting average of 0.266 with 15 homers and 50 RBIs.

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