A left-handed rookie who has solidified his position as the 5th starter, but why did KIA seal the ‘100 starting pitches’ 

 “We are going according to the plan.”

This is the evaluation of KIA Tigers manager Kim Jong-guk, who has watched left-handed rookie Yoon Young-cheol (19) for about a month.

Yoon Young-chul메이저사이트, wearing a KIA uniform for the first round of the 2023 rookie draft, has 1 win and 1 loss and an average ERA of 4.30 in 5 games this season. He threw 23 innings, averaging 4⅓ innings per game. He pitched 5 innings in 3 consecutive games after April 15th against Kiwoom (3⅔ innings, 5 runs lost) and 21st against Samsung (4⅓ innings, 2 runs lost, Noddy), and is recording 1 win and no loss. He throws a slow ball with a fastball in the second half of 130 km, but shows off his ability to throw and innings and settles into the starting rotation.

Director Kim praised Yun Young-cheol’s pitching, saying, “(When he was dropped as a 5th starter), I expected pitching 5 innings and 3 runs, but looking at his recent appearance, he is throwing similarly. The 19-year-old rookie pitcher is doing well with this.”

In five games, Yoon Young-chul’s pitch count is less than 100. The most pitches he threw was 91 against Samsung on the 21st of last month. In the match against Gwangju Lotte on the 3rd, when he won his first win in his life, he came down the mound with only 77 balls thrown in 5 innings. Given that there was room for 100 pitches, which is considered the limit on the number of starting pitches, KIA could have given Yoon Young-chul a chance to start quality for the first time in his life (6 or more starting innings, 3 earned runs or less). However, KIA made the replacement without any regrets, and even after that, it continues to make replacement decisions in the number of around 90 during Yun Young-cheol’s start.

Regarding this, coach Kim said, “The number of weighted pitches calculated by the data team is a bit more than the actual number of pitches.” “The number of pitches per inning (18.3) is not small. We can see it, but for now, we intend to operate as planned unless there are special circumstances.”

For Yun Young-cheol, who has been selected for the first team for about a month, it is evaluated that from now on is a full-fledged test bed. His speed itself is not fast, and the key is how to find a breakthrough while the relative analysis has been done to some extent through five appearances. Manager Kim said, “Since the velocity is not fast, the rate of cuts to the opponent’s batter is high after two strikes, and the number of pitches tends to increase.” expressed positive thoughts.

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