’97 before 98′ Lee Ga-young “I went on a trip for the first time after playing golf”

“It was the first time I went on a trip since I started playing golf. 2 nights and 3 days to Japan.”

Prior to the start of the interview, when we asked her about her off-season status as a greeting, Lee Ga-young (24) said this proudly with her bright smile. She doubted her ears. Ga-Young Lee, who started playing golf when she was in the 5th grade of elementary school, said that she had been on her first trip in 12 years. But when asked, he said, “Yes. It was my first trip,” she smiled shyly.

At that moment, an interview I had with Lee Ga-young about two years ago flashed through my head. Lee Ga-young, who was thirsty for victory at the High1 Resort Women’s Open in August 2021, said, “People around me say, ‘I can’t win because I don’t have the poison’, but it’s different from that appearance. I am greedy and have a grit,” she raised her voice. Ga-young Lee, who has been holding golf clubs without going on a single trip for over 12 years, has been labeled as a ‘player without venom’ and ‘a player who is too nice to win’.

Lee Ga-young, who is in her 5th year on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, was a cotyledon called her last name when she was an amateur. Since 2015, she has been a member of the national team for three years, competing with her peer Choi Hye-jin (24) for the top spot in junior women’s golf. After debuting on the KLPGA Dream Tour in 2018, she won two championships and ranked third on her money list, raising expectations as a promising player on her KLPGA Tour. 메이저사이트

However, he has not won a single championship in the four years since his debut in the first part of the tour in 2019. He participated in 97 competitions and consistently produced runner-up 4 times and ‘Top 10’ 22 times, but could not achieve ‘the perfect finish’. He lost in overtime and missed the championship right in front of his eyes, such as being reversed in the last minute while leading. As a result, Lee Ga-young was followed by the label that she lacked a back heart.

Lee Ga-young, who had been doing that, finally lifted his first championship cup at the KLPGA Tour’Dongbu Construction Korea Land Trust Championship’ held at the Iksan Country Club (par 72) in Iksan, Jeonbuk in October of last year. It was ’98 before ’97.

Lee Ga-young said that she urged herself to ‘become stronger’ at the start of last year’s season. “He had that kind of heart because he got second place a lot. He also said, “I have come again.” When asked what he liked the most after winning the championship, he said, “I think the best thing is to feel like I can do it again because I won it once. In other words, his confidence and self-assurance have grown.”

After the end of last season, Lee Ga-young said she hardly ever held a golf club. This is because he realized that rest is just as important to players as training. His first win was also achieved after an unexpected long break due to the confirmation of Corona 19. He said, “After I got Corona, my swing didn’t work properly for about 4 or 5 weeks, so I lost a lot of confidence, but at some point golf started to fit me well.”

The 2022 season, which Lee Ga-young evaluates herself, is ’70 points.’ I even finished the long-awaited championship and the prize money ranking finished in 9th place, but when I asked if the score was too low, he said, “There are still many parts to be filled, but if you give 80 or 90 points, I will fill it. ” That part is gone,” he said, giving the wise answer.

The short game, especially the approach around the green, is still a lot to be filled in. Lee Ga-young plans to intensively train the short game during the field training to Bangkok, Thailand, from the 15th to 50 days. It’s a long training session, but with reliable companions. Choi Hye-jin, a friend of the same age, and Kim Se-young (30), whom Lee Ga-young considers a role model, will accompany her. Lee Ga-young also realized the importance of physical training during the last season. So off-season. Even though I didn’t hold a golf club while I was there, I hardly skipped physical training for more than 2 hours a day.

Lee Ga-young’s goal for the new season was ‘record growth’. Of course, he knew he would talk about winning, but he replied, “My goal is to improve all records in terms of numbers, such as hit rate and putting rate.” He continued, “I think I was able to win the 2022 season because all the numerical records were better than the previous season. The goal is to win 2 or 3 wins, but if the numbers improve, you will be able to win naturally.”

Lee Ga-young did not forget to thank the fans who cherished her like her daughter and niece. He said, “Even when I don’t win, I think I’ve done better because the fans treat me like family,” and promised, “I’ll return to a better shape by preparing well for field training to repay the fans’ support.”

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