‘800 billion investment’ Porter, intensified pressure… Chelsea “I’ll give you time!”

Chelsea plans to give manager Graham Porter ample time.

The transfer window for the 2022-23 season is over. In the two transfer markets that took place over a combined period of about three months, the main character was Chelsea. After parting ways with Roman Abramovich, Chelsea started anew this season under Todd Boelli’s leadership. The owner of Boelli, who has enormous wealth, began to improve the team’s constitution through active investment. 안전놀이터

The summer transfer market. Invested a huge amount of money to sweep players. Wesley Popana, Kalidou Koulibaly, Raheem Sterling, and Mark Cucurella were brought in immediately to change the squad. They have already spent more than 300 billion won.

However, Chelsea’s storm recruitment did not stop. Reinforcement was inevitable in a situation where the number of injuries was increasing, and young and promising resources were brought in to do a major rebuild. Including Enzo Fernandez, who was selected as the best young player for leading Argentina to the World Cup, signed ultra-long-term contracts with Mihailo Mudrik, Benoit Badiacil, Noni Madueke, Malo Gusto, and Andrei Santos.

More than 10 players were brought in. According to the football statistics media ‘Transfermarkt’, Chelsea used 611.49 million euros (approximately 821.1 billion won) in the two transfer markets.

As much money was spent, the pressure on Porter intensified. Soccer is a sport that talks about ‘results’. If it doesn’t produce results despite huge investment, the arrow of criticism is directed at the director. And Porter’s current situation is not good. Chelsea remain in 10th place in the league and have a whopping 21 points gap with ‘1st place’ Arsenal. The gap with Manchester United, which is a realistic goal, is 10 points. Although there are still schedules for the second half, the possibility of a reversal is low.

After all, coach Porter this season may not be able to achieve his desired goal. Still, Chelsea plan to give him plenty of time. The British media ‘Guardian’ said, “Chelsea’s owners will not demand immediate results from Porter despite the huge investment and will give him enough time to build the team.”

Chelsea’s ‘rebuilding’ will continue even during the upcoming summer transfer window. ‘Guardian’ said, “Chelsea’s leadership will give Porter time to reorganize and plan to clean up underperforming players during the summer transfer window.”

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