‘8 consecutive victories made with reverse wins’ Director Kim Sang-sik “If you get a chance, throw it unconditionally”

 KGC, which won a come-from-behind victory after a close match, continued its winning streak. 

Anyang KGC won 70-64 in the 5th round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 12th. With this victory, KGC set a record for the most consecutive wins for the team this season with 8 consecutive wins along with 4 away wins.  먹튀검증

Until the middle of the first quarter, KGC’s shot seldom exploded. Oh Se-geun alone was responsible for 6 of the 11 points KGC posted in the first quarter. KGC, who lost the flow to KOGAS, finished the first half of the game with a 29-39, 10-point lead.

But the second half was different. KGC Ginseng Corporation, which gradually narrowed the score gap, reversed the flow of the game with Omari Spellman and Oh Se-geun’s reverse free throw, which made a tie. KGC finished with a come-from-behind victory with Moon Seong-gon’s free throw, which drove a wedge. 

After the match, KGC coach Kim Sang-sik said, “It must have been difficult for the players in the beginning. I lost a lot of shots and lost rebounds. In the second half of the game, he did not lose even on the rebound and showed his concentration. I want to commend each player for doing his part.”

Regarding the offensive rebound of Spellman and Moon Seong-gon, who stood out in the match, coach Kim Sang-sik said, “It is better to talk about mental rather than other strategies in a decisive match. If you order to pay attention to the pattern, what you have been practicing, rebounds, defense, etc., I have a lot of confidence to follow and win if I work hard rather than losing, maybe because the players also play a lot of games like this.”

In the second half, he made 6 3-pointers, which were only 2 in the first half. Coach Kim Sang-sik’s order to revive the poor three-point shot was, “Even if the shot doesn’t go in, there is a chance. Throw it unconditionally when you have a chance. Even if it doesn’t go in, don’t be intimidated, throw with confidence and rebound.” In response, manager Kim Sang-sik said, “The players threw it confidently without thinking, as if the order was right. If you think about why it doesn’t go in, the shot won’t go in anymore. I told him to throw it unconditionally when he had a chance,” he said, explaining the secret to making more 3-point shots in the second half. 

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