4R, which endured the shock of the dismissal of the coach of’cohesive players’, focuses on the second half of Heungkuk Life’s race

Attention is focusing on whether Heungkuk Life Insurance players, who are enduring the shock of former manager Kwon Soon-chan’s dismissal in concert with the coaching staff, will be able to continue the trend in the second half of the regular league.

Heungkuk Life Insurance players are playing the regular league as an acting manager after the club announced the dismissal of former manager Kwon on the 2nd of last month. Former coach Kwon laid down the baton after the Hyundai E&C match on December 29 last year. Heungkuk Life Insurance entrusted former head coach Lee Young-soo as acting coach in the game against GS Caltex on the 5th of last month. In the meantime, coach Kim Dae-kyung is guarding the bench as an ‘acting manager’. 바카라사이트

Acting Kim comforted and encouraged the last remaining coach Choi Ji-wan and players. Among the players, veterans such as Kim Hae-ran and Kim Yeon-kyung rectified the cluttered atmosphere. After former coach Kwon and former head coach Lee left the team one after another, attention was also focused on the future of the existing coaching staff, but acting Kim said, “The moment I leave, there will be no staff left to play volleyball. I intend to remain for the players,” he said, doing his best to restore the atmosphere of the team. Acting Kim also said, “There is no other way now. The season is over, the game must be played. I will do my best with the players.”

Acting Kim tried to keep the players from experiencing tactical confusion, and the players tried to show unwavering performance despite external factors. The results were also supported. Heungkuk Life Insurance performed well with 4 wins and 2 losses in the 4th round. During this period, Hyundai E&C ranked first in the regular league and Korea Expressway Corporation ranked third.

The performance of each player is also excellent. Among them, Yelena, a foreign player, scored a total of 169 points in 6 games in the 4th round and took first place. It is also second in both attack success rate (43.10%) and serve per set (0.32). As a result, he was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the 4th round.

Heungkuk Life Insurance firmly maintained its second place (18 wins, 6 losses, 54 points) until the 4th round. In the remaining 5th and 6th rounds, it is expected that it will be possible to compete for the lead with Hyundai E&C and sparkling beyond the confirmation of advancement to ‘Spring Volleyball’.

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