’45-year-old Libero’ Yeo Oh-hyun as striker… ‘Lightspeed Spiker’ admired by commentators

Professional volleyball Hyundai Capital’s libero Oh-Hyun Yeo has built a gold medal in 600 regular season appearances.

Even at the age of 45, Yeo Oh-hyun’s record, which is still top-notch, exemplifies self-management and professionalism.

Yeo Oh-hyun played as a left striker in Daejeon Joongang High School, showed off his offensive instincts even after entering Hongik University, and showed impressive offensive power against Korea Securities and others in the Super League.

He continued to play as a striker even after the libero system was established, but his height, which stopped at 175 cm, eventually turned Yeo Oh-hyun into a professional defender. 메이저사이트

But good luck! Yeo Oh-Hyeon has established himself as the ‘Libero textbook’ in his professional career and has even achieved the great record of 600 appearances.

In celebration of his record, we have prepared a video of Yeo Oh-hyun’s fast and powerful attack, which impressed KBS commentators and casters during the days of attacking and throwing spikes at Daejeon Jungang High School and Hongik University.

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