1st, 2nd, 3rd place, all remained as one-club man

The 2007 draft mentioned in the last episode is being talked about as the golden draft enough to be evaluated as ‘the best ever’. That momentum continued in 2008 as well. It is evaluated that the weight of the 1st to 4th ranks was equal to or higher than that of 2007 in terms of the overall player class. This was largely influenced by Korea’s first NBA leaguer, ‘Victor Pan’ Ha Seung-jin (37‧221.6cm).

It didn’t matter how technically perfect Ha Seung-jin was as a player. 온라인바카라Being able to stand and move on the court with a player with tremendous hardware that Seo Jang-hoon, “Goliath” had to look up to, was an unconditional first place guarantee. Even if all the first ranks were gathered, he boasted an overwhelming presence to compete for the first rank again.

2nd place ‘Argentina Express’ Kim Min-soo (41‧200cm), 3rd place ‘Little Kim Joo-seong’ Yun Ho-young (38‧195.6cm), 4th place ‘Penny Kang’ Byung-hyun Kang (38‧194cm)… , if it was a decent draft, they were all players who could be ranked first. As if confirming this value, Ha Seung-jin and Kim Min-soo, who were nominated in the first and second place, finished their careers at KCC and SK, where they were nominated.

In the case of Yoon Ho-young, he is still active, but since he has been active in the DB throughout his career and has been loved, there is a high chance that he will retire in Wonju if there are no big variables. As a result, all of the 1st to 3rd ranks left their names as one-club men. I feel sorry for Kang Byung-hyun, who is still remembered as ‘the heart of Jeonju’ even though he played for KCC for a short time. It is said that there is no “if” in basketball, but if Kang Byung-hyun had not been traded, the current history of KCC might have changed significantly.

Since 2003, it has been Yonsei University that has led the top picks in the rookie draft. 2003 (Kim Dong-woo), 2005 (Bang Seong-yoon), 2006 (Jeon Jeong-gyu), 2007 (Kim Tae-sul), and 2008 (Ha Seung-jin) produced the first rank. The only time between 2003 and 2008 when he failed to make the first pick was the 2004 draft, and Lee Jeong-seok was unfortunately (?) nominated as the second pick after competing with Yang Dong-geun.

If Lee Jeong-seok had been nominated first even at this time, an unprecedented record would have been made by being ranked first in a specific university for 6 consecutive years. Unlike Yonsei University, which swept the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd picks in the previous draft and produced 4 people in the 1st round only, in 2008, only 1 person in the 1st round, 1 person in the 2nd round, and 1 person in the 3rd round. However, it is said that the regret about the number was not very meaningful in that one person nominated in the first round was ranked first.

In the case of Chung-Ang University, the 3rd and 4th ranks in the 1st round, 1 person in the 2nd round, and 1 person in the 3rd round paid for their face. What impressed me was Dongguk University. Dongguk University, which belonged to the weaker class in the college league, did not show much impressive appearance in the draft for generations. At least, it was the biggest harvest in 2001 when Kim Seung-hyun was produced in third place.

In 2008, they showed off their spirit by producing as many as four people in the first round (3 people) and the second round (1 person). It wasn’t just filling in numbers. Jaehong Jeong in the 6th place, Seungho Ki in the 9th place, and Daehyun Chun in the 10th place did not reach the level of star players, but they left their names by taking their careers above average. It is no exaggeration to say that it was the brightest school except for the lottery pick.

Korea University’s retreat continued. In 2001, Korea University did not have a lottery pick designated player last time (2nd place). Rivals Yonsei University and Chung-Ang University are doing well, but other schools that are evaluated as inferior to Hanyang University, Sungkyunkwan University, Kyunghee University, and Konkuk University also produced lottery rookies, but Korea University remained silent. It was fortunate that Cha Jae-young (38‧193 cm) was nominated in the 5th place after Kang Byung-hyun.

Ha Seung-jin, the ‘rare ace’, can a player like this come out again?

Recently, in the basketball world, as the size of players increases and the level of technical perfection increases, unique players that were difficult to find in the past are increasing. In particular, the performance of players who are active in positions other than the big man is dazzling even though they are over 2m tall. Foreigners Lee Hyun-joong and Yeo Jun-seok are representative examples. Lee Hyun-joong (202cm) is the tallest shooter ever in Korea, and Yeo Jun-seok (203cm) is surprising people around him by showing off his great athleticism in addition to his good looks.

KBL is also not easy. Song Gyo-chang (201.3cm), who is famous for his tremendous speed compared to his height, is not only fast, but can chase and defend even a moderate number of guards from the outskirts. The final winner of the domestic version of this part is Choi Jun-yong (200.2cm). As a tall swingman, he not only has the ability to match, but also has the field of vision and passing ability to become a point guard.

However, it is highly likely that Ha Seung-jin (38‧221.6cm) will be the most difficult player to come out of as the ‘second 000’. In terms of technology, it may be mediocre. There is no particularly great secret weapon. But more than anything else, what made Ha Seung-jin special was his amazing body as it is. There are not a few people who criticize him for ‘playing basketball with his height’, but he doesn’t have that much talent in basketball, where size is more important than anything else.

It’s not just a decent center level, it’s the tallest ever. A player with a height of around 2m and even skill is surprising, but it is impossible to predict when a player with overwhelming physical condition comparable to Ha Seung-jin will be able to come out again. Not only was he tall, but he also had a good physique, so even foreign big men had a hard time competing. The scene in which the large black center loses balance after a physical struggle with Ha Seung-jin is a scene that will be hard to see in the future, as it has been in the past.

Although he failed to make a long run because his prime ended early due to frequent injuries, those who remember his play agree that ‘Healthy Seung-Jin Ha’ is more powerful than any big man ever, including foreign players. In fact, in the first year of his debut, he won the Rookie of the Year award, giving his team their first championship, and presented a total of two final championships to his team, KCC. Even after that, KCC was always considered as a favorite for the championship, just because Ha Seung-jin was there while they continued to take playing time.

Ha Seung-jin’s exciting day during the game was a disaster for the opposing team. He often changed the atmosphere of the game by raising the morale of his teammates through various reactions as well as his unique drive. His weaknesses, such as his mobility and lack of skill, were obvious, but he also had strengths to offset them. There is an evaluation that if Shaquille O’Neal appears in the current NBA, he will bring a storm to the league regardless of the trend. The same goes for Ha Seung-jin at KBL. He has enough power to make a variable a constant if he’s that much of an overpowering big man. In his prime, Ha Seung-jin was just a foreign big man, and the only problem was whether or not he was injured.

◆ Ha Seung-jin’s regular league record ☞ Total average of 11.6 points, 8.6 rebounds, 0.6 assists, 0.3 steals, 1.1 blocked shots
in February 26, 2015 Seoul SK match = 7 / Steel ☞ February 1, 2015 Ulsan Mobis match = 3 / Block shot ☞ March 17, 2019 Changwon LG match = 5

Although Kim Min-soo, who was asked to play the role of a big man in Korea even though he was a swing man,

the first nomination was too natural, and opinions were divided about the second place. Yun Ho-young and Kang Byeong-hyeon were the main characters who led the heyday of Chung-Ang University. Yun Ho-young raised the highest stock price as an all-around player in both offense and defense during his senior year, and Kang Byung-hyun has raised expectations as a next-generation KBL idol with his outstanding skills as well as his handsome appearance.

Meanwhile, Kyunghee University forward Kim Min-su was the player who took the second place, beating Yun Ho-young and Kang Byung-hyun. Being famous as a mixed-race player with a Korean mother, he was an all-weather player who was able to score evenly inside and outside in addition to his size, power, and athletic ability. It received rave reviews.

There were many opinions about Kim Min-soo, saying, ‘He is a big man who hates physical fights and enjoys outside shots.’ In some cases, it also serves as a reason for undervaluation. However, this is far from the truth. Kim Min-su grew up as a small forward in Argentina. Then, when he came to Korea, he was suddenly asked to be a big man, and he had to play in clothes that didn’t fit.

Regarding this, at the time of the interview with ‘Basketball Interview’, Kim Min-soo said, “I had to play big man just because I was tall, but at first I really couldn’t adapt. However, I worked hard to play the role I wanted on the team. It was difficult to shake off the habit I was accustomed to. Even while playing in the post, at some point I came to my senses and found myself playing on the outskirts. I think that’s why the saying that I have good strength but avoid physical fights came about.”

As a result, SK’s nomination of Kim Min-soo was more than average. As he revealed in the interview, due to his innate playing style, he played outside play as well as a foreign player as well as Ha Seung-jin, who was much bigger than himself. He was not technically excellent, but he showed strength in defense because he was so strong. In addition, it has a long shot distance, so it was evaluated that it is highly useful as an all-weather forward who can go back and forth 3-4 times. One-club man Kim Min-soo, who has been active only in SK since his rookie days, has left a career worthy of the second rank, including contributing to the championship.

◆ Kim Min-su’s regular league record ☞ Total average of 10.2 points, 4.5 rebounds, 1.2 assists,
0.4 ☞ 10/13/2019 Anyang KGC match = 6/rebound ☞ 12/11/2016 Anyang KGC match = 17/assist ☞ 9/19/2015 Changwon LG match = 9/block shot ☞ 11/2014 November Ulsan Mobis match on the 20th = 4

Kang Byung-hyeon from ‘Splendid Season 5’ and Yoon Ho-young from ‘Conong Line’ Yoon Ho-

young and Kang Byung-hyun, who led Chung-Ang University’s heyday side by side, were nominated in the 3rd and 4th place, respectively. In terms of personal career, Yoon Ho-young, who even won the regular season MVP, could be said to be ahead, but instead, Kang Byeong-hyun experienced a total of two championships, including the first season. On the other hand, Yun Ho-young advanced to the championship match four times, but ended up finishing runner-up in all of them, earning the dishonorable nicknames of ‘Kong Line’ and ‘Kong Ho-Young’.

Just like the nickname ‘Little Kim Joo-sung’, Yun Ho-young is the franchise star of DB following Kim Joo-sung. Like Kim Joo-seong, he had a great attachment to the team and was a team player who took the lead in dirty work such as defense despite having outstanding offensive power. It was also similar to Kim Joo-sung that she had a good understanding of her block shot. However, in terms of size, it’s okay for a No. 3, but it was somewhat disappointing to see No. 4, so there are many opinions that being nominated for the DB with Kim Joo-sung was fortunate from Yun Ho-young’s point of view.

Because of Kim Joo-seong, he was able to settle down as a small forward and was able to play an active part as a member of the triple post called ‘Wonju Sanseong’ with the addition of foreign player Rod Benson. It’s understandable enough, but it’s the same from the DB’s point of view. Having a player like Yun Ho-young on the team could be said to be a great fortune for the team.

In the days of Anyang KGC and Changwon LG, where his skills began to decline due to injuries, his image as a flashy central player was blurred, mainly as a sixth man, but Kang Byung-hyun during his time at KCC earned a reputation as one of the top two players in the league. He was originally nominated for E-Land, but in the process of transferring the team to Seo Jang-hoon, he was designated as a trade target and went straight to KCC in his early days as a rookie. It is safe to say that he actually started his career at KCC.

During his time at KCC, Byung-Hyun Kang was one of the league’s top two players. During the five seasons he played for KCC, Kang Byeong-hyun scored double-digit points, and the detailed records such as rebounds, assists, and steals were also the best at this time. What is noteworthy here is that although Kang Byung-hyun was the star of the team at the time, he was more like an all-weather housekeeper than a main gun.

Considering his ability to hit drive-ins and stop jumps from explosive breakthroughs and bold clutch success, he seemed to focus on flashy plays, but the reality was different. He was a young leader with a hard-working mind who took the lead in even the most difficult tasks, such as defense and auxiliary reading. As an altruistic player who thinks of his team play first, he helped the team in some way, even if his offense did not work out.

As the tall No. 2, he not only helped No. 1 with his reading, but also jumped into the position and filled the vacancy when there was a hole in the No. 3 or 4 position. This is the reason why KCC fans said, ‘Kang Byung-hyun is a player who is always grateful and sorry’. In a way, this kind of play served as a significant overload for Kang Byung-hyun himself.

He had a lot of activity in the original body, and if he digested unfamiliar positions, he could lose his stamina and sense of the second role. He was also taken for granted in terms of record, and that was the reason why he was underestimated among those who did not know the circumstances. At the time, Kang Byeong-hyeon was highly evaluated among foreign coaches. A typical example is when Steve Young, who has built a high reputation as a player and coach in Europe, said, “Korea’s No. 1 shooting guard is Kang Byung-hyun.” Thanks to Kang’s sacrifice and fighting spirit, KCC was able to win the championship twice while he was there. It was even nicknamed ‘the heart of KCC’.

In that respect, Kang’s sudden trade was enough to shock fans. At the time, KCC selected Kim Min-goo, who was called ‘the second Hur Jae’, in the rookie draft and tried to raise him as the next-generation sign. Somehow, I judged that authentic point guard Kim Tae-sul was better in terms of interaction with each other than Kang Byung-hyun, who had the same position, and made a trade with KGC.

The trade was evaluated as a good big deal at the time. However, it is also true that there were many fans who regretted that the opponent was Kang Byung-hyun. As a result, the trade at the time was not good for both KCC and Kang Byung-hyun. Apart from Kim Min-goo’s drinking accident and injury, Kim Tae-sul continued to struggle in the new team, and Kang Byung-hyun also failed to regain his splendid heyday after his days at KCC.

◆ Yun Ho-young’s regular league record ☞ Total average of
7.8 February 28, 2011 Busan KT match = 9 / Steal ☞ February 17, 2011 Daegu Orions match = 5 / Block shot ☞ November 22, 2011 Incheon Etland match = 6 ◆ Kang Byung-Hyeon regular league record ☞ Total

519 Average game appearances: 7.3 points, 2.4 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 0.6 steals
⁕ Most records in a game: Scores ☞ Goyang Orions on February 16, 2013 = 28 points / 3-pointers made ☞ Anyang KGC on October 18, 2013 = 6 Assists / assists ☞ Seoul Samsung match on October 15, 2014 = 8 / rebound ☞ Changwon LG match on October 11, 2015 = 10 / steal ☞ Seoul Samsung match on October 15, 2014 = 4

Cha Jae-young has been noted for his outstanding athletic ability since middle school. During his youth representative days, he even made various dunks against tall foreign players in international matches. Foreign scouts who came to see Seung-Jin Ha praised him, saying, ‘It’s like watching a black player’. This is the reason why it is said that he is beyond his contemporaries and is at the level of the past if purely considering his athletic ability.
When he was a student at Korea University, he was able to bombard the opposing team’s defense just by breaking through and shooting with his athleticism at the forefront. But unfortunately that was all. It was pointed out that his understanding of tactics was low and his lack of concentration continued, and these parts were not corrected in his professional career. Moreover, after being discharged from the military, he reveals his weakness even in free throws, causing regret from those around him. He even recorded an air ball on a free throw. At least, he endured with his athletic ability, but after that, his knee injury overlapped and overlapped, and he could not fill 300 regular league games and stepped on his retirement path.

◆ Cha Jae-young’s regular league record ☞ Total average of 5.1 points, 2 rebounds, 0.7 assists,
and 21st against Changwon LG = 5 / rebound ☞ 5 January 2014 against Jeonju KCC = 8 / Steel ☞ 1/18/2014 against Changwon LG = 4

Although he mainly played as a backup member, the late Jeong Jae-hong was a player with a passion for basketball. Although he was a short point guard, he was well equipped with breakthrough power and shooting skills, and above all, he had a strong will to learn basketball. He even learned skill training in the U.S. during the off-season at his own expense. He evenly complied with various parts that No. 1 should have, so he was evaluated as a good backup even though it was difficult as a main player. Unfortunately, on September 3, 2019, he passed away due to a sudden heart attack. Due to a wrist fracture, he decided to undergo surgery at Severance Hospital and was hospitalized from the afternoon of the previous day.

◆ Jeong Jae-Hong’s regular league record ☞ Total average of 3.6 points, 1 rebound, 1.8 assists
, Jan. 11 Ulsan vs. Hyundai Mobis = 4 / assists ☞ Nov. 5, 2009 Anyang vs. KT&G = 9 / rebound ☞ Feb. 5, 2010 Jeonju KCC vs. = 7/ assists ☞ Feb. 11, 2013 Wonju Eastern Match = 4

◆ Jeong Hwi-ryang’s regular league record ☞ Average of 3 points, 1.5 rebounds, 0.3 assists,
and / Assist ☞ November 1, 2013 against Changwon LG = 4 / Rebound ☞ March 9, 2013 against Seoul Samsung = 9 / Steal ☞ February 7, 2017 against Incheon Etland = 2

◆ Yun Yeo-gwon’s regular league record ☞ Total average of 3.5 points, 0.8 rebounds, 0.5 assists, and 0.3 steals
in Jan. 13 Jeonju KCC = 5 / assists ☞ Mar. 1, 2015 Jeonju KCC vs. = 3 / rebound ☞ Jan. 13, 2015 Jeonju KCC vs. = 5 / assists ☞ Jan. 14, 2011 Anyang KT&G Exhibition = 3

Excluding the lottery pick, the player who had the most successful professional career (now in the past) was Ki Seung-ho (38‧194cm). He showed passionate play throughout the offense and defense, and received opportunities to play consistently since his rookie days. But is it because the mindset for defense was overly active? There were often excessively rough plays, and due to that, there were not a few troubles during the game. In the 2013-14 season championship match, he even threw a fist at Moon Tae-young, who was once his teammate. This is a case where the direction of passion is expressed in the wrong direction.

◆ Ki Seung-ho’s regular league record ☞ Total average of 6.5 points, 2.2 rebounds, 0.6 assists, and 0.5 steals in 494 matches
⁕ Highest score in one game: Score ☞ February 6, 2013 Goyang Orions = 30 points / 3-point shot successful ☞ 2019 December 8, 2018 Goyang Orion match = 5 / assist ☞ January 6, 2018 Busan KT match = 5 / rebound ☞ November 10, 2018 Seoul SK match = 11 / steal ☞ December 14, 2018 Wonju DB Match = 5

Players Chun Dae-hyeon, who spent most of his days at Hyundai Mobis, has definitely built a better career than the players nominated before him. It’s a winning career. He was used as a sixth man with good defense, and that period was the heyday of Hyundai Mobis. He tasted the regular league championship in his debut season and the combined championship in his second year, and after being discharged from the management team, he won three consecutive championships. It was a completely different move from Yun Ho-young, who had to cry over successive runner-ups despite performing well at the national team level.

◆ Cheon Dae-hyeon’s regular league record ☞ Average of 3 points, 1.1 rebounds, 0.9 assists,
and December 25, 2010 Wonju Dongbu match = 4 / assist ☞ March 4, 2010 Daegu Orion match = 5 / rebound ☞ January 13, 2009 Incheon Etland match = 6 / steal ☞ March 9, 2013 Wonju Eastern Match = 4 Ha

Seung-jin has been a player with a unique talent since his active days. Because of that, from that time on, he was said to be ‘a blue chip in the broadcasting industry after retirement’. His performance surpassing Seo Jang-hoon is not as expected, but as expected, Ha Seung-jin is showing off his overflowing talent by appearing on various broadcasts. He works hard on various SNS and YouTube.

Yun Ho-young is still active as an active player, but it seems that his retirement is not far away. It is a situation that is close to temporary suspension due to old age and frequent injuries. It is noteworthy how the senior Kim Joo-seong, who had a splendid career as a player, will have a new command tower.

Kang Byeong-hyun is working as a power analyst at LG, and Yoon Yeo-gwon is a power analyst at KT. Jeong Hwi-ryang is the leader of ‘Monstars FC’, a club under Monsters founded by Koitv, and Cha Jae-young is known to be running a basketball class in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do. Oh Jeong-hyeon is a coach at Cheongju KB Stars, a women’s professional basketball team, Kim Min-soo is a coach at Kyunghee University, and Cheon Dae-hyeon is a coach at Hogye Middle School.

The most bitter is Ki Seung-ho. He was active until a young age and had a strong image as an exemplary player, but he lost everything through the assault incident at the Hyundai Mobis club dinner in 2021. While drunk, he punched his juniors at a dinner party and injured several of them. After the trial, he was sentenced to violence, including probation and community service. The KBL side did not ignore this, and the withdrawal of permanent expulsion was issued. Because of the incident, Ki Seung-ho lost everything as a basketball player.

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