10 Korean men competed simultaneously on the PGA Tour

Ten Korean players, including Lim Seong-jae (25), will participate in two PGA tours held simultaneously this week.

Lim Seong-jae, who appeared at the Honda Classic last week, will appear at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, a special tournament with a total prize of 20 million dollars, to be held at the Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando, Florida from March 2nd. Out of a total of 120 players, this season’s winners Kim Si-woo (28), Kim Joo-hyung (21), last season’s winner Lee Gyeong-hun (32), Kim Seong-hyeon (25) and Ahn Byeong-hun (32), there are a total of six Korean players. 먹튀검증

Lim Seong-jae, who finished third in both 2019 and 2020, will only participate in this tournament for the 5th time. His performance was so excellent that he finished in a tie for 20th last year as well. Ahn Byung-hoon, who is participating in this tournament for the 8th time, was so good that he tied for 10th place in 2019 and only missed the competition he participated in as an amateur.

Kim Si-woo participated 8 times, but the relationship with this tournament was not good, and Lee Gyeong-hoon is also the 4th appearance. Kim Joo-hyung and Kim Seong-hyun are participating for the first time.

The tournament, which was worth 12 million dollars until last year, has been upgraded to a special event this year, increasing the prize money by 8 million dollars. Scotty Scheffler is the defending champion.

On the same week, Bae Sang-moon (36), Choi Kyung-ju (53), Roh Seung-yeol (32), and Kang Seong-hun (36) will participate in the Puerto Rico Open with a total prize money of 3.8 million dollars at the Grand Reserve Country Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Choi Kyung-joo plays the Champions Tour at the same time, and has said that he will appear on the PGA Tour this year as much as possible.

Bae Sang-moon, who recently participated in the two Asian tours, was put on the list of participants. This tournament, with a total of 120 players, raised the prize money by 100,000 dollars this year, but it is far from the special tournament held in the same week. Last year, the size of the prize money was 3.2 times larger, but this year it was 5.2 times larger. The prize money is $3.6 million for Arnold Palmer and $666,000 for Puerto Rico.

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